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  • @ArtofBeast I'm sure I'll enjoy it somewhat when I do see it :) It's easier to enjoy something if I'm not paying full ticket for it ;)24 minutes ago
  • RT @donttrythis: 2 mistaken assumptions in your critique: that art is "easy", & that STEM is "difficult". Both are common, but narrow views…46 minutes ago
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  • @ArtofBeast I don't dislike it. But I didn't priortize seeing it in the theatres. I'll see it eventually because hey - fanboy!about 1 hour ago

Episode 3, and perhaps 4?

Posted by sohmer on September 8, 2016

We’ve got another short for you today, but before I let you watch it, I wanted to mention something.

Today’s short is episode 3, and in order to view episode 4, we’re going to entice you: Episode 4 will be unlocked as soon as one of the 3 LICD Beginnings Shorts reaches the 100,000 views mark.

Make sense? It’s literally up to you if you want to see more.

That said, please enjoy Episode 3:

-Because I Can.

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-Ralph Marston

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