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The Cast

Rayne Summers
The ‘I’ in Least I Could Do, Rayne is a narcisst with severe delusions of grandeur, with an unfortunately huge amount of disposable income.
Character Spotlight:
Fuckmageddon The Neighbour Time to Jump

John Gold
Roomate, teacher, long-suffering wife. Rayne's oldest friend, John and he have grown apart in recent years but slowly, are rebuilding their adult relationship. That sounds a lot worse than I meant it.
Character Spotlight:
Feeling It To Pack The Apartment

Issa Alie
Short for Melissa, Issa is dating a dude who looks like Archie Andrews (though less likely to have a threesome). Issa has been friends with the boys as long as anyone and tends to be the little sister to everyone... the little sister you think about improperly.
Character Spotlight:
Red Headed Stepmom Fighting Issa Issa Needs a Job

Mick Alfa
Described by many (not really) as a Fat Ninja, Mick works a producer at the local television station and enjoys chips recreationally.
Character Spotlight:
Meeting Mick's Mom College Party Mick's Secret

Married. 3 kids (2 of them at the same time). Struggling to find the will to live.
Character Spotlight:
So Tired Game Time Something New

Breaking international laws on child labour, Urchin lives somewhere in Rayne's house and acts as his manservant. Speaks with a British accent.
Character Spotlight:
War With Goofy